Welcome to the Mutual 11 website!

On behalf of the Mutual 11 Board of Directors, welcome to the Mutual 11 website.  The purpose of our website is to improve communications and to allow residents to easily find and access information about our Mutual, including Board Meeting Minutes, Policies, upcoming events.  Residents may also submit items related to landscaping, service maintenance issues and laundry rooms, sales, and classified ads.

Please explore the many features available on this site.  The Board welcomes your comments and ideas about the website.  Our goal is to make it informative and useful to our shareholders.  We need your feedback to make the website work for you!

Bulletin Board
11/21/2019 – November Board Meeting Minutes (Draft)
The Minutes for this month’s meeting is now available online.
11/21/2019 – November Board Meeting Agenda
The Agenda for this month’s meeting is now available online.
05/23/2019 – Annual Meeting Minutes (Draft)
This year’s minutes are now available.
05/23/2019 – Annual Meeting Agenda
This year’s annual agenda is now available.
03/25/2019 – Click here for the Unofficial Restated Bylaws for Mutual 11